domenica 18 dicembre 2011

Sunset romance


Model: Andrea Moscon
Photo and post-production: Luciano Doria

Before I did this photoshooting with my friend Andrea I thought that I would have never been able to make a boy looking good in a picture. Not just because of mere technical skills (which are not supposed to change when shooting a girl or a boy ^^), but I was somehow concinved that boys are not good sitters, if they have to do it on demand.

At the beginning we decided to do an experiment at the sunset, we had only half an hour to shoot and then the sun set (I love Winter... it gives you just few chances to doing things right), my hands were freezing and Andrea had to change at 4-5 °C, which is not that unbearable, but for us italians you can bet it is :) anyway, the first two pictures are from that part of the shooting, post-production-wise I did only some light-adjustments, but the tones and evey detail are mostly as you could see on location.

Then we moved to my grandma's home and tried to do some experiments with two lights and a monochromatic background. It turned out pretty good as well, even if I don't have the most cutting-edge paraphernalia available on the market (and I also think that you don't need it, since lights are lights! you could get the same result with a couple of night-lamps and a black backround). 

However, the thing that amazed me the most was him, Andrea. He is not a model, nor an actor, but he has been able to convey to me all those feelings that you get watching an artist doing a remarkable performance. Somewhere else on the net (I think on DA, but I'm not that sure) I wrote that in these pictures he reminds me of a dancer performing an opera ballet by Tchaikovsky. Perhaps I can now understand why in Ancient Greece and Rome artists and sculptors liked best to portray young men than girls, which seems to be at odds with what image and art society enjoys nowadays. Mind you, I dont' think that boys are better than girls, they are of course two different kinds of sitters, both beautiful and capable of expressing themselves conveying to the observer wonderful feelings. I really hope you like this shooting :)