mercoledì 16 maggio 2012




There are no words to describe how it feels to leave your home. 

A journey brings us face to face with ourselves - you have to cope with hardship alone and no one will be there to do the donkey work on your behalf. You're simply alone and the world around you looks unkown, threatening, but bewitching at the same time.

Every relationship you have, every emotional bond, every memory becomes all of a sudden fragile, as you could lose it at any moment, without even realizing that you're losing it because something is changing.

The boundary between having and losing disappears if you stop worring, if you don't ask anymore and you let your thoughts flowing without restraint. When you are alone you get what you lose and you lose what you get. 

You feel the same person as before, but your attitude towards life keeps changing without realizing it. 


Heidelberg, Haupstraße in the Altsadt


On the other hand, after a while you get to a point where you feel you are no longer alone, where you realize that after all home is just an idea. Life brings you where it wants to bring you, the destination is unknwon, but suddenly you happen to be somewhere you didn't expected to, and to your great surprise you'll discover that love is one of this places.

When you fall in love, distance becomes nothing more than a pshycological barrier. You don't care about it anymore; love has no limits, no boundaries. You can fall in love with a person, a city, a place, a moment... I think you can fall in love with lots of things, actually - if you feel good there is no reason to worry or regret. 

You can really live your best life if you broaden your horizon. Life is all out there, go and long for it.

London, Underground
United Kingdom