venerdì 13 luglio 2012



Hello everyone!

How's it going? This is just a brief update, as I am currently in London rushing all day in the city, but I really wanted to write you something here because I've been m.i.a. for quite a while and I am really sorry about that.

So, this is my second time in London and I love this city, even though it's a little bit busy these days, you know, but it's still lovely. Time flies very fast and you realize that there is too much to do and just a little time to do it, but I am slowly getting used to it :)

The video I updated was shot for, a brand new website ran by my friend Isabella Morseletto, who works in style industry. On her website she provides people with the latest updates in fashion, architecture and lifestyle and she asked me to arrange a couple of photoshoots to promote the jewels, clothes and other brands she wants to show. This is the backstage video of our latest photoshoot in Italy, I really hope you'll enjoy it! 

Actually, I have to say that I feel very awkward when I see myself shooting, but I suppose it's how it goes so I should be more confident about it :)

Looking forward to the next post and hope I'll have nice news for you guys :)

Cheers from the rainy London!

photography: Luciano Doria
styling: Isabella Morseletto
model: Francesca Goracci

©  Luciano Doria & Isabella Morseletto 2012, all rights reserved.