sabato 12 ottobre 2013


Hello everyone!!

I decided to keep this blog as an extra comment to my website ( and I inaugurate it with a post about the experience I'm doing right now. I'm spending the next semester in Cologne, a wonderful city on the river Rhine, and allegedly best known for its gothic cathedral and lots of other things scattered hither and thither.

Everything is lovely and wonderful (the weather reminds me a little bit of London, but I can cope with it), but since my luggage was way too heavy I decided to leave my camera at home in Italy and also the computer I'm using here is a notebook, and its RAM memory is on the edge of a breakdown (like mine, though).

Anyway, this didn's stop me and I went for a stroll around the city taking pictures of what aroused my curiosity.... with my mobile phone. Actually, it turned out to be an amazing thing - it's somehow a better way to take pictures and it definitely feels better than hanging around with all the camera stuff, especially if you go out for a walk without the intention of just taking pictures.

I took those pictures yesterday, when I walked through the Rheinpark. It was rainy, just a few people, but I loved it. Everybody asked me why I went there with the rain and not with the sun... well, how trivial.

In November I'm going to have my camera again, so I'm looking forward to sharing with you the next shootings! :)